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We believe that the contributions of our people are what make Gallo Glass a leader in the global glass manufacturing industry。

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At Gallo Glass, you'll have an opportunity to join an incredible team of people doing amazing, high quality work, all in the U.S.A. We are a culture where people truly support each other and have been family-owned and growing since 1958. We're on the forefront of sustainable manufacturing and strive to be the most environmentally responsible company possible. We're innovative in ways few glass producers ever thought possible and every year we get better. We offer great benefits and an even greater place to call home. Welcome to Gallo Glass.

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Gallo Glass is proudly an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Explore what makes us such a dynamic place to work.

Innovation First

As an industry leader in glass bottling, innovation is both a corporate value and a daily business strategy at Gallo Glass。 Our cutting edge control rooms and state-of-the-art quality lab create an environment that fosters growth and development in our employees。 At Gallo, we are constantly challenging ourselves to improve and to be the best we can be。

A Family Culture

Family has shaped the values we hold dear since we were founded in 1958 and, as a family-owned company, we take pride in the way we support each other both at work and at home. As an employee at Gallo Glass, you will find our family culture fosters lifelong friendships and makes coming to work an enjoyable part of your day.

Why Gallo Glass?

At Gallo Glass we have some of the most skilled employees in the industry。 We offer the opportunity for you to learn and grow in your career。 Our apprentice program allows you to advance from within, from entry-level jobs to specialized technicians。 At Gallo Glass, we care about you and your future。

We believe our people say it best

Planning Group and Scheduling Manager

“There are constant opportunities to improve your position and to take on something that’s even more interesting.”

Project Manager

“In the five years that I’ve been here, we’ve made investments in some major facility upgrades, improvements, new technology, really exciting things that haven’t been done anywhere else in the world。 We’re continuing that going forward。”


“One person working at this plant can support a family and have the spouse at home and do it the way it used to be done 40 or 50 years ago.”

Leadership Development

Technology Management
Development Program

TMDP is one of the most creative working environments imaginable for engineers. Imagine the opportunity to solve big challenges and be on the forefront of engineering sciences at one of the single-most extensive and complex wine operations in the world. Work hands-on with an incredible array of leading-edge technologies and take inspiration from industry leaders to guide your career and help envision what’s next.

Operations Management
Development Program

OMDP puts you on the fast track to operations Management. Imagine running your own team in a fast-paced, innovative environment. This program can get you there. Along the way, you will work with world-class engineers, scientists and supply chain experts to keep the operation moving forward, all the while learning what it takes to motivate, lead and develop people.

An Amazing Team in an Amazing Location


Teamwork is a core value at Gallo Glass。 We believe that the contributions of our employees are what make our company a leader in the global glass manufacturing industry。 We have built new work rooms in the forming department with new technology to encourage teamwork when solving problems。

Modesto, California

Gallo Glass Company is located in the heart of California’s Central Valley in Modesto. The town has the attractions of a large city with the heart of a small town. Enjoy the vista views with family and friends, biking, hiking or golfing, or take a visit downtown to attend a concert at the arts center. Live, work and play in Modesto.


Health and safety are paramount and we make learning about safety fun。 Every year we hold an Annual Safety Slogan event where people vote for the best safety slogan for the upcoming year。 This year it is “Be safe every day and then enjoy tomorrow。” A serious message delivered in a not so serious way! We also have safety meetings and events routinely with wellness checks and sign-ups for all kinds of fun programs。


When we work together, there is nothing we can't accomplish。 We take that to heart at Gallo Glass and are proud of the collaboration and teamwork throughout our entire operation。 We also maintain several Team Rooms where people from all over our facility meet and discuss ideas, suggest improvements and work together solving really tough challenges。 We couldn't be prouder。

Training & Education

We have one of the country's most advanced, state-of-the-art training facilities that truly sets the standard in our industry. In addition to on-site training, we have extensive programs to advance your career, build skills and learn new things. We also have programs with Modesto Junior College, Apprentice Programs and are proud to say that our average tenure is over 18 years! Nearly 20% of our team has been with us for over 30 years. At Gallo Glass we are always learning and we're not shy to say we think our people are hands down the best in the industry.

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